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What Is Sudoku?

Sudoku, the very name can be a bit tricky to say however it is designed to test ingenuity and knowledge in a set group of instructions. This phenomenon of the grid and cell holds many features to stump, challenge, and reward you. Though this puzzle’s origins are debatable the popularity is not. Sudoku is here to stay and is enjoyed by so many in different walks of life, ages, genders and more. If you enjoy a good stimulating testing of your mind then Sudoku is for you.

What’s In a Name?

This very strong word is Japanese in origin broken down means “the numbers or digits must remain single”. It is obvious that the puzzle is not letter or word based but number and their placement within a specific space. Another meaning of Sudoku is “number place”. These various names provide a glimpse in to the world of Sudoku mania and how numbers analyzed specifically are the key. Throughout history globally it holds its place in many forms. You can find this very special game in magazines, newspapers, books, and competitions globally. The level of professional play has taken this to another level and generation of puzzle masterminds.

Work out Session

When you engage in this puzzle challenge it is a veritable work out session that brings about mental labor, inspiration for the senses such as your mind, eyes and even mouth if you need to work things out verbally. So think of it as a true performance session for the brain making it more active and engaged becoming stronger for longer. This single player puzzle is sure to stretch you much like a crossword puzzle yet with numbers. Envision box grid stacked in 81 spaces or cells, nine and wide snd you get the idea.

Just Your Type

Almost everyone has a preference, a type if you will that they are drawn to. That is the case here for Sudoku in that there are more than 25 different categories such as:
Jigsaw-irregular jigsaw-like shapes
Killer-combines elements of Sudoku and Kakuro
Skyscraper-clues found along its’ sides
Sudoku-X-Each column has unique numbers
Samurai Sudoku-five overlapping Sudoku grids
and more

There is more to this game that meets the eye and that stems from all the benefits engaging in this grid challenge brings. It can help concentration, anxiety, problem solving, analyzing and provide you with positive mindset. Who would not benefit from sharpness of mind and memory? Everyone who engages in this healthy competition against oneself experiences something that may be a lifelong passion or at the very least an occasional thrill.

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