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Why is Sudoku so popular?

Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle style games that is available to play. It involves using the numbers one to nine in a grid of nine squares that are each divided into another nine squares. The goal is to ensure that each number only appears once in every row and in every column. This makes it interesting to solve the puzzle as every one is different. This has helped make Sudoku so popular. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons for its popularity.

It Is Portable

There are many different versions of Sudoku that are available to play. There are versions that are on mobile applications and versions in which you utilize pencil and paper. It is also a game that you can come back to if you have only completed some of the puzzle, so feel free to play it on your lunchbreak, while you are waiting for dinner to cook or really any time that you feel like it.

It Uses Logic

Sudoku does utilize a logic based system in order to solve the puzzles as aforementioned. You have to use a system of deductive reasoning and a process of elimination in order to find exactly where the numbers each fit. Each number has its own home and can only be placed exactly where it belongs in order to solve the puzzle. The game really is easy to learn and easy to solve once you learn the patterns.

It Is Played Internationally

Sudoku does not rely on words or pieces of text to play the game, that means anyone around the world can play the game. You do not even have to be able to read in order to play Sudoku, and you definitely do not have to know how to speak English in order to understand the game. You can bring the game to any culture, and people will be able to play.

Sudoku is Healthy

Sudoku is a game that utilizes your brain, meaning it will keep you mentally aware and will keep your brain active. It will actually keep you sharp as you have to use the learning part of your brain in order to solve these puzzles. There have even been research studies that have been completed, indicating how healthy Sudoku is for brain development and to keep the brain young and healthy.

The Game is Fun

Many individuals do not like to do math or use math. However, Sudoku is a logic puzzle game that uses a bit of math and is actually fun. It is honestly a puzzle game that you are unable to become easily frustrated at. You end up feeling quite relaxed while playing it. You will even feel proud of yourself after completing one of the puzzles, giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself.

Final Thoughts

Sudoku is surprisingly a very fun game to play when you have some extra time in your day. Even a few minutes is enough time to play. It can be played by anyone, anywhere due to the fact that it only uses numbers and not English letters. This logical puzzle game will have you wanting to complete more and more of the puzzles. By playing Sudoku you can continue keeping your brain as sharp as possible.

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