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The Rules of Sudoku

Sudoku games are all about logical reasoning. It is perfect for mind stimulation because it induces critical thinking. Though the game involves numbers, it has nothing to do with the addition and subtraction of digits. It is a pure logic pattern game and not a math game, as many people think. Let

How Does Sudoku Work?

Sudoku is made up of columns, rows, and squares. It is in the form of a grid and has 9×9 spaces in the columns and 3×3 spaces on the rows. The player is supposed to fill the spaces using numbers from 1to 9 only on the squares found in each row and column.

However, there is one crucial thing you need to know about this game. When playing, do not use a number more than once in every row and column. In other words, you should not repeat a number in a section.

More About Sudoku

Sudoku games have several levels, and they range from simple, moderate, to complex. What this means is that the game has various difficulty levels. Sudoku exists in puzzles, and a player can begin playing from anywhere as there is no procedure for playing the game. As a player, all you need is to use your visual analysis to help you push through with the game to the end. Oh, you also need a pen or a pencil if you’re playing with a Sudoku book.

Also, since everything in a Sudoku game is interconnected, you need to be keen to mess up everything. You must listen and visualize the possible solution in each column and row to avoid starting the game from the beginning again. The best way to ensure that you don’t mess up the game is to prevent guesswork at all costs. Instead, use your critical thinking skills to come up with the solution to the puzzle.

The Basic Sudoku Rules A Player Should Know

Though the Sudoku game has been embraced in many parts of the world, we still have millions of people who are still struggling to understand the game rules. If you are part of this group, below are typical Sudoku rules you need to know:

● Use numbers 1 to 9 only when playing
● Ensure that you don’t use one number more than once in each grid, column, and row
● Avoid guesswork at all costs when trying to find a solution to the puzzle
● Make use of the elimination process as your tactic to help you arrive at a possible solution

If you follow the above rules to the letter, you should be able to solve any Sudoku puzzle you come across. However, as stated earlier, some puzzles are tricky, and only an expert can find it easy to solve. Nonetheless, this does not change the rules of the game. The rules for solving the puzzle remain the same regardless of the technicality of the Sudoku puzzle.


Sudoku is an engaging, thought-provoking game. However, if you have just started and you are on your journey to mastering the game, you may find yourself making mistakes. But do not worry about the trial and errors you make in your first attempt. It is common among beginners. As you continue practicing, your mind will get used to the patterns. With time, you will internalize the concept, and the game will be far easier for you. Good luck with your Sudoku progress!

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